vintate t shirt measurements


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Each of our Potsie's Closet T Shirts is individually categorized and rated by our crack staff of vintage T Shirt experts (you didn't really know there was such a thing, did you?). The ratings are there to help you get to know your T Shirt as best as you can before you purchase.


Each description includes "Tag Says", "Top to Bottom Measurement", "Side to Side Measurement", "Softness Rating", "Condition" and "Vintage."


"Tag Says" includes the information on the T Shirt tag. The manufacturer size will be listed here although through time that Large shirt may now fit more like a medium or even small which is why we also list the shirt's actual measurements. You can also find out if the shirt is cotton or a cotton polyester blend. On rare occassions the original tag is missing, when this tragedy strikes you will see the message "Help, I've been torn off!"


"Top to Bottom Measurement" is the measurement from the middle of the collar of the t shirt all the way to the bottom. The measurements are provided so you can compare our vintage shirts to shirts in your own collection to get an idea of what the actual sizes of the shirts are. Sometimes tag sizes such as Large or Medium can vary by manufacturer or fluctuate slightly over time.


"Side to Side Measurement" is the measurement from arm pit to arm pit across the chest of the shirt.

"Softness Rating" lets you know just how incredibly soft each vintage shirt is. You know your favorite old shirt has a certain unreproduceable soft and comfortable feel from being worn and washed so many times over the years. All of our shirts are guaranteed to be "Soft." If the shirt feels especially vintage and wearable it will be rated "Very Soft." On occassion we come across that perfectly soft shirt that feels like its almost not there, those shirts are rated "Dreamy Soft."


"Condition" describes the overall condition of the shirt just like other valuable collectibles. Most of our shirts are rated "Like new." Because our shirts are real vintage collectibles some may contain flaws from being worn and used as . . . well, shirts! If there are any tears, holes, stains or other flaws we will list them here.


"Vintage" is the approximate age of the shirt. Vintage shirts are like fine wines and are described by their age. Our expert staff estimates unknown vintages as best we can based on internet research and field experience.

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